Andreas Zeller Summarizes ICSE 2022

Reviewed by Greg Wilson / 2022-04-18
Keywords: Conference

Prof. Andreas Zeller has posted a short overview of current topics in software engineering research based on submissions to ICSE'22. From his thread and based on this data and this data:

  • Machine learning is clearly a hot topic with 74 accepted papers, versus 47 for software testing (the scond most popular topic) 35 for program analysis, and 31 for evolution and maintenance.
  • Only two papers each were accepted on ethics in software engineering, software architecture, green and sustainable technologies, and agile methods—which is still better than one each on model-driven engineering and software visualization.
  • The majority of authors come from China (37.2%) and the United States (30.5%); Australia, canada, and the UK together account for as many papers as all of Europe, which is perhaps unsurprising for an anglophone conference.

Later: Prof. Ian Sommerville (author of a widely-used software engineering textbook) wrote a short article on the underwhelming impact of software engineering research that's worth a read.

Zeller pie chart

Another Zeller pie chart