It Will Never Work in Theory: Live!

Our next set of online lightning talks is happening April 25-26, 2023. Check out the speakers and get your ticket now!

Announcing Our April 2023 Lightning Talks

Reviewed by Greg Wilson / 2023-01-31
Keywords: Lightning Talks

People have been writing software for over seventy years, and studying it for nearly as long, but most programmers don't know what researchers have discovered, and most researchers aren't looking at the problems developers would most like solved.

We can do better. On Tuesday, April 26, and Wednesday, April 27, It Will Never Work in Theory will offer its third live event: a set of lightning talks from leading researchers on immediate, actionable results from their work. Our speakers will share what we know about these questions and why we believe it's true. For more information, please see the event page or subscribe to our feed for updates.